Design Engineering


HiETA are experts in thermal engineering and additive manufacturing. Our team of engineers have delivered products that are lighter, smaller, higher performing and last longer than competing products. Our design engineering service is core to achieving market-leading gains in demanding applications through additive manufacturing.  

Specific skill sets include thermal modelling via in-house developed codes, CAD, Computation Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis and Validation Testing. This expertise allows us to provide an end-to-end solution; delivering rapid product development projects for our customers in markets such as Aerospace, Motorsport, Electronics, CHP and Oil & Gas. The following provides a summary of our service offering and examples of how they have been applied to deliver an advantage.

We have a team of engineers dedicated to thermal modelling which allows us to take your requirements and model product concepts, providing performance predictions for given boundary conditions. For heat exchangers, we have developed tools to provide optimum sizings depending on design objectives such as pressure drop, effectiveness, size and mass.


Our CFD team support the design process by analysing flow distribution, heat transfer and pressure drop of fluids. We have developed tools and techniques for optimising heat transfer surfaces in a variety of heat exchanger applications including Water Charge Air Coolers for Internal Combustion Engines and Recuperators for Micro Gas Turbines. We have also developed tools for analysing phase change of fluids including condensers for solid oxide fuel cells and evaporators for exhaust heat recovery systems. These have delivered size reductions of >75%.

Our stress engineers have developed FEA methods and approaches to streamline the required structural analysis, ensuring fit for purpose components. We have used topology optimisation to reduce the mass of turbine wheels by 50%, reducing inertia, spool up times and bearing wear. Our team have created approaches to analyse pressure and thermal loads in heat exchangers to identify and design out highly stressed areas to allow heat exchangers to run at 900C and pressures of over 200bar.


To confirm that our designs deliver the performance and life duty we have test rigs capable of providing boundary conditions matching your application’s requirements. We have small scaled heat exchanger rigs to rapidly test at scaled conditions to support the design process. We have capabilities to test using water, oil and air. In previous projects, we have performed hydraulic burst tests on our heat exchangers up to 200 bar. Our testing partners are capable of supplying air at flow rates above 3 kg/s at temperatures upwards of 900C.

Our designers are ready to hear from you and work together to solve your engineering challenges. Please get in touch if you want to discuss further.