HiETA has developed an in-depth set of high-performance turbomachinery technologies for both stationary and rotating components. Exploiting the design freedoms of Additive Manufacturing, large performance gains and mass reductions have been realised.

Applications & Markets:

  • Stationary Power – Micro Gas Turbines
  • Automotive – F1, WRC


  • CM247 LC
  • Inconel 718/625

>19,000 hours hot running of Inconel turbomachinery parts.

>1,000,000kg CO² savings against baseline diesel gensets.

Lightweight & Internally Cooled Radial Turbine Wheel

HiETA Technologies have designed and tested a lightweight and internally cooled Radial turbine wheel, capable of operating at 1200°C turbine inlet temperature. By increasing the turbine inlet temperatures to 1200°C, the thermal efficiency of the turbine stage is drastically increased, and thus the overall efficiency of the engine system can be increased. Actively cooling the turbine wheel, increases the component life and by light-weighting the wheel, inertia is reduced and so spool up times are quicker, as well as reducing wear on bearings. Mass reductions of 22% have already been realised, with the potential to increase to 40-50% depending on the application. Temperature reductions of 60°C at LE and 100°C at TE have been physically demonstrated vs a solid wheel at turbine inlet temperature of 720°C, with reductions of 200°C at LE, 250°C at TE expected when turbine inlet temperatures are 1200°C.

Turbine Housings

HiETA has developed proprietary designs for turbine housings as well as manufacturing customer housings using additive manufacturing (AM). AM enables the use of complex wall stiffening features on housing outer skins, replacing the need for heavy bulky wall thicknesses, whilst retaining required stiffness and impact resistance for blade retainment requirements. The benefits of this approach have been:

  • Reduced weight
  • Reduced lead-time and cost

Nozzle Guide Vanes

Working with the Bowman Power Group, HiETA designs and manufactures nozzle guide vanes (NGV) for Bowman’s Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) technology. The flexibility of additive manufacturing alongside the expertise of the HiETA design team means tailored NGV’s are made in one piece, with minimal post processing and without specialised tooling.