High-Temperature Compact
Heat Exchangers

HiETA have developed and deployed core IP in two key areas that allow us to produce High Temperature (up to 800°C) Heat Exchangers that are a step-change improvement on the current industry standards.

High-value design:  Our team of skilled thermodynamic engineers have developed heat transfer surfaces capable of delivering significantly increased heat transfer coefficients with minimal pressure drop penalties. The freedoms of the process also allow our designers to employ novel manifold optimisation techniques to ensure flow distribution to the core is such that the performance of the unit is maximised. These can be combined in heat exchange package shapes that are best suited to the application, be it cuboid, annular or something more freeform and flexible.

>10 years combined running of compact Inconel recuperators.

Stainless Steel heat exchanger cores burst test >2000 bar.

Design realisation:  HiETA have developed a suite of tools and capabilities to allow us to manufacture geometries and products that are world-class. Handling and moving large amounts of design data, developing laser parameters for processing thin walls and extracting powder from large heat exchangers all contribute to the complex manufacturing process HiETA employs to realise our high-value designs.


  • Inconel 625
  • Inconel 718
  • ABD®-900AM
  • CM 247LC
  • SS316 L


Impact: The combination of these two core areas of IP means that we can produce heat exchangers in high-temperature capable materials such as Inconel 625 at a fraction of the size and weight of our competitors, for the same performance. Benchmarking on current customer products proves that we are up to 5 times lighter.

Reliability: Performance is nothing without longevity and reliability though, and as such HiETA have found customers and products to work with to test, understand and validate our technology. We are very proud to have 7 different high-temperature heat exchanger products in the field currently with customers, clocking upcycles and hours at temperatures in excess of 800°C. This gives us great confidence in our designs and technology.


  • Energy
  • Automotive
  • Defence
  • Aerospace

Key Points: 

  • Weight & package reduction of up to 5x vs conventional products
  • Ability to process high temperature, corrosion-resistant materials (eg Inconel 625)
  • Proven cyclic life and reliability (>1000 thermal shock cycles proven)
  • Operating temperatures in excess of 800°C prove