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HiETA Unveils the Future of Compact Heat Exchangers at the AM & 3D Conference

HIETA Technologies is showcasing pioneering AM designs for optimised efficiency in compact heat exchangers for internal combustion engines and microturbines which increase efficiency via recovered waste heat at the AM & 3D Conference. The 2015 AM conference and 3D Printing International Conference, hosted by the University of Nottingham, will serve as a platform for HiETA to demonstrate the real-world possibilities … Continued

HiETA – Supporting the Next Engineering Generation

Over the years there has been an increasing awareness of the aging workforce in the engineering sector. With a large portion of engineers stating that there is a noticeable shortage in the sector. In an attempt to help combat this, HiETA have been helping to inspire and encourage the next generation of Engineers by giving a careers presentation … Continued

HiETA Announces First Successful AM TSB Project

We are delighted to be able to announce the first of HiETA’s successful Technology Strategy Board TSB project. The High Efficiency END-to-End (HiEND) project addresses the ability of AM to operate as an effective manufacturing route for mid to mass market by proving a viable business/manufacturing model for producing 50,000 units p.a. for our target product within 3-5 year. … Continued

HiETA Clears the First Hurdle for a New TSB Grant

HiETA is developing a number of products using Additive Manufacturing that have high volume potential, but the Additive Manufacturing industry is still focused on low volume and rapid prototyping. HiETA believe that work needs to be done by machine manufacturers and the up and downstream supply chain to make volume production using Additive Manufacturing a reality. The Technology … Continued

HiETA Win a Place at Venturefest’s Innovation Showcase

HiETA One of 30 Businesses Chosen to Exhibit at Venturefest Innovation Showcase HiETA are one of 30 innovative businesses to win the opportunity to exhibit in the Innovation Showcase sponsored by The University of Bath. The Innovation Showcase is part of Venturefest Bristol 2012. Venturefest is aimed at anyone who has an early-stage technology business idea and … Continued