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Case Study: Additive Manufacture of Combustion Chamber and Nozzle for Rocket Engine

Working with Protolaunch, HiETA Technologies have additively manufactured the combustion chamber and nozzle for the Protolaunch 10kN HILBERT rocket engine. This engine uses a novel thermodynamic cycle to eliminate the need for complex turbomachinery, it improves reliability for customers and offers improved manufacturing scalability. Protolaunch are a UK based, chemical propulsion company developing rocket engines for small … Continued

HiETA Technologies progresses Qualification of Super High-Temperature AM Resistojet

Industry: Spacecraft Propulsion HiETA Technologies, through the Catapult network and funded by the UK Space Agency, is partnering a consortium led by the University of Southampton and including H.C. Starck Solutions, Satellite Applications Catapult and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd in a collaborative project to deliver an innovative new resistojet propulsion system named STAR (Super high Temperature … Continued

Airbus Helicopters select HiETA for RACER Programme Heat Exchanger

HiETA are very proud to announce that they have been selected by Airbus Helicopters to develop and deliver a novel next-generation heat exchanger, manufactured using Additive Manufacturing, for installation and flight testing on the RACER programme. A unique technology demonstrator under the European Clean Sky 2 project, RACER (rapid and cost-efficient rotorcraft) is aiming to … Continued

HiETA Technologies COVID-19 Company Statement

Company Statement: COVID-19 With all the concern and uncertainty about the corona virus we would like to inform you of HiETA’s current policy regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.  It’s important we all support each other in these challenging times as a team, community and operating partners whether customers or suppliers we’ll all be working together. So, … Continued

HiETA secures investment from Meggitt Plc for expansion of Additive Manufacturing activities

We are pleased to announce that HiETA Technologies Ltd has secured investment from Meggitt (UK) Ltd, a subsidiary of Meggitt PLC, a leading international company specialising in high performance components and subsystems for the aerospace, defence and selected energy markets. The investment will accelerate the development of the next generation of high-performance and light weight … Continued

HiETA and Norton Straw Win STEP Fusion Reactor Project

The UK Government has given UKAEA the goal to maintain the UK’s position as a world leader in fusion research and development. In the November 2018 budget (and reiterated in the Science Minister’s speech at Culham in January 2019) an initial £20m was provided for UKAEA to start investigating the viability of a Spherical Tokamak … Continued