Innovate UK LIGHT Project Shares its Findings

LIGHT, an Innovate UK project which includes HiETA as one of its collaborators, will be running a dissemination event on Tuesday 26th April at the Bloodhound Technical Centre in Bristol. If you are innovating in the automotive, aerospace, medical devices, consumer or electronics sectors you are invited to attend for free by going to  The event will showcase the demonstration parts created during the project by project partners including:

  • A jet engine thrust nozzle with operating conditions of 500°c designed by HiETA
  • A crushable earth re-entry capsule designed to protect planetary samples during atmospheric entry, descent and landing designed by Magna Parva
  • An airbrake door hinge that must withstand 500kN of force designed by Bloodhound

The event, which takes place between 10 am and 2 pm, will also include a tour of the 1000 mph Bloodhound car with Chief Engineer Mark Chapman.

About the LIGHT project

The project was tasked to research the industrial applications of using cellular lattice structures to produce lightweight products using metal additive manufacturing. AM processes offer real design freedoms. Challenges have remained when manufacturing complex parts with overhanging geometries. The LIGHT consortium have spent two years researching the replacement of some internal geometries with self-supporting, low-density lattice structures with the objective of achieving even greater design freedoms. The project partners are: Delcam, EOS, Bloodhound SCC, Magna Parva, Simpleware, CRDM and HiETA Technologies.