AM & 3D Conference

HiETA Unveils the Future of Compact Heat Exchangers at the AM & 3D Conference

HIETA Technologies is showcasing pioneering AM designs for optimised efficiency in compact heat exchangers for internal combustion engines and microturbines which increase efficiency via recovered waste heat at the AM & 3D Conference.

The 2015 AM conference and 3D Printing International Conference, hosted by the University of Nottingham, will serve as a platform for HiETA to demonstrate the real-world possibilities of additive manufacturing to produce enhanced geometries unimaginable using traditional processing – critical design and manufacturing developments in the evolution of the aerospace, defence, and automotive industries.

As sole sponsors of the pre-conference drinks reception on 7th July, 7.30 pm to 9 pm, HiETA places great emphasis on the importance of sharing industry and academic knowledge and ideas.

Join us for a valuable evening of pre-show networking.