Water Charge
Air Cooler

HiETA uses additive manufacturing techniques to implement key design improvements on automotive components and systems. In this case, a charge air cooler for high-performance automotive applications can be designed to incorporate features such as light weighting, increased performance, as well as part and systems integration. A charge air cooler sits between a turbocharger and engine, taking the hot air coming out of the turbocharger and cooling it dramatically so that more cold air can enter the pistons at a higher density, allowing for increased engine performance. HiETA’s charge air cooler is a single-component part that can provide a temperature decrease of up to 150°C by using two stages of cooling.

Such performance is enabled by the use of HiETA’s proprietary heat transfer surfaces that have been designed and optimised by using HiETA’s many years of heat management specialisation and knowledge. This means that HiETA can deliver effective solutions with less weight and volume than traditionally manufactured components. Coupling HiETA’s additive manufacturing capabilities with CFD and FEA tools, our experienced design and analysis team can create a part that is optimised for performance well in advance of manufacture. The charge air cooler is also able to integrate seamlessly around your existing systems and specifications and even offers the opportunity for in-built manifolds. Not only that, but the charge air cooler can be integrated with neighbouring components seamlessly, offering a more cost-effective solution.