Airbus Helicopters select HiETA for RACER Programme Heat Exchanger

HiETA are very proud to announce that they have been selected by Airbus Helicopters to develop and deliver a novel next-generation heat exchanger, manufactured using Additive Manufacturing, for installation and flight testing on the RACER programme.

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A unique technology demonstrator under the European Clean Sky 2 project, RACER (rapid and cost-efficient rotorcraft) is aiming to solve the challenge of making a vehicle able to take off, hover and achieve very fast cruise speeds — a long-sought technical and commercial challenge in the aerospace industry. Key missions for this include Search and Rescue, where the ability to find and recover a casualty within the ‘golden hour’ vastly improve survival rates. Airbus Helicopters’ RACER demonstrator aims to show that its particular combination of rotor, box wings and lateral propellers is the answer to a cost-efficient, fast flight.

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HiETA have developed and matured core IP allowing the design and metal 3d printing manufacture of very high-efficiency heat exchangers. Our proven technology offers size, weight and package reductions of up to 5 times against conventional technologies, and we have proven this technology across industries such as motorsport, energy, fuel cells and automotive. In the real world, this translates to performance benefits to customers, and significantly reduced fuel burn (and therefore emissions of harmful waste products). We are very excited to transition this world-class technology across to the aerospace market, and the RACER project and opportunity work closely with Airbus Helicopters is a great way to accelerate this route to maturity and market.

In parallel to this work, HiETA is working to achieve aerospace certification standards, putting in place systems, capability and relationships to allow us to bring our highly disruptive technology to the skies as soon as possible.

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