HiETA Technologies operates a six Additive Manufacturing machine R&D and manufacturing facility at its main site at the Bristol & Bath Science Park.

HiETA have been based at BBSP since its formation in 2012 and took manufacturing in-house in 2015 with the purchase of two Renishaw AM 250’s and the bottom up design and build of its technology centre.

Things have moved on considerably since 2012, with 2018 seeing the installation of three of the latest generation of multi-laser Renishaw RenAM 500Q machines. Within the existing foot-print, this has the effect of doubling the productive capacity of the facility whilst also improving part quality. HIETA is one of the first companies outside of Renishaw itself to use the Ren AM500Q machine. HiETA has found that Improved laser optics, gas flow and powder handling combined with the multi-lasers result in build speeds up-to six times faster than the Ren AM500M for large complex parts such water-cooled charge air coolers. HiETA is now working with customers to ensure that these benefits are passed on.

Once the product moves towards a steadier production state HiETA have access to additional machine space off-site where volumes of products can be produced.

The aim of the HiETA Technology Centre is to bring together all the aspects of HiETA’s product development capability under one roof, giving it greater control and feedback from early-stage conceptual work right the way through to final testing and NDT data analysis. Locating the machines, design, application and manufacturing development teams all under one roof allows us to develop products, systems, and processes much faster. This allows us to move both our own and our customer’s products to market much faster.

The HiETA facility at the Bristol and Bath Science park is split across two floors with the 50+ strong team base on the 1st floor in the office space. Our ground floor footprint has now been completely dedicated to industrial work with 3 separate production rooms ensuring different materials are separated and part quality is maintained. All these rooms have adjoining space where we deal with both powder sieving and the removal of powder from our complex heat exchanger components. Parts then move through to the post-processing space where stress relieving, hand finishing, build plate removal and surface treatment are all carried out. The manufacturing of parts in then supported by the test and inspection team who have the on-site capability to measure dimensional accuracy, density, leak and burst testing.

With a large number of commercial clients across a broad spectrum of industries, HiETA also works closely with a number of companies in the surrounding area to provide additional support through part machining, EDM, CT and other NDT inspection and large-scale testing.