Introducing HiETA

HiETA Technologies is a product development and production company specialised in the use of Additive Manufacturing (metal 3-D printing). Our specific expertise is in thermal management and light-weighting. The company was founded by Mike Adams, a serial entrepreneur with experience in the implementation of automated systems and change management, and Drummond Hislop, a development economist with an engineering background and a long-standing interest in carbon-reducing, thermally efficient engine systems. Starting with a clean sheet of paper has allowed us to challenge conventional wisdom in both design and manufacturing. The idea for the endeavour came from Drummond Hislop when in the late 1990s he was working on a new generation of Stirling engine and was looking for ways of improving the performance of the compact heat exchangers on which the Stirling engine depended.  He realised that the then-emerging technology of additive manufacturing would allow new, more efficient architectures for compact heat exchanger cores, that previously had been very difficult or even impossible to make. With great foresight, he filed a number of patents that subsequently went on to form the basis of the early research and development work undertaken by HiETA. HiETA is now highly regarded as a world-class product development company and boasts an enviable list of blue-chip customers. It’s also known as being a fantastically innovative place to work and has attracted over 50 top-flight staff from a range of backgrounds.


The company’s activities almost all lead to carbon reduction, and we expect that climate change mitigation can only increase the demand for our products and services. While the performance of our products continues to improve at a very high rate, their costs are falling rapidly, with equally rapid improvements in all elements of the supply chain. So, besides our initial markets of motorsport, aerospace and defence, our products and services are fast becoming very attractive to markets such as energy and automotive.
HiETA is unique in offering true end-to-end services in additive manufacturing and has now proved that it can take clean-sheet ideas through engineering development and into series production.
If you would like to know more, you can download the HiETA brochure here.